Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Starting Out

I'm starting out a little late considering blogging has been all the rage forever now. I've wanted to do a blog for a long time, but found it hard to narrow my scope down to one particular thing I felt I could write about on a daily basis. Taking that into consideration, this blog will not be about one particular thing. As a lifelong photographer and writer with a passion for organization and design, I decided after being constantly unfulfilled and unappreciated working for someone else to take matters into my own hands and just dive into the world of trying to make a name for myself. While this is a work in progress, my goal is to eventually merge my talents into a career where I can do the things I love and find a life/work balance. I've spent 30 years slaving away for others and working myself to the point I forgot that we are here to enjoy life, not just work, pay bills and die.

I know this won't happen overnight, but  I am a firm believer we can reach any goal we set for ourselves.This blog will be a little interior decorating, a little party planning, I might share with you the best place to get fonts or how to manage your social media accounts. It's information on how to make your world a more beautiful place, be it through creating aesthetically pleasing spaces, inside and out or how to find the best gift for your loved one.  If it's business or personal, I'm going to tackle it.  I'm still learning things so if I can pass some of that onto my readers, it's a win-win for both of us! While I will try to keep it interesting and thought provoking, please remember that many of the types of things I will be discussing, I offer as a service, so please check out my links and my websites, join me on facebook and let's talk about design, organization and making your world a stress free, beautiful bubble.  My goal is to post daily so please subscribe and see what I find next!
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